Masseria Frattasi Bonea 2011

Tuesday night, the feeling that the working week is almost half way through always makes me smile. Tonight this fact has inspired me to try something not usually at the forefront of my wine choices, I also decided that the wine was not going to match the food as a given….a dangerous game to play in my household, the better half is a Scorpio and if she thought for one moment that I was chucking away the dinner as it didn’t match the wine their would be hell to pay – Fingers cross it matches as being a wine lover I could not justify ignoring wine for food 🙂

The wine – A Falanghina from Masseria Frattasi, this wine called Bonea is one of several whites in the range produced, and is probably in the middle with regards to price and quality, the latter attribute being in the eye of the beholder and although important I’ve often enjoyed the cheaper wines in ranges over more expensive options.

Bonea is a CRU and it is made by a 50 year old vineyard located 400 metres a.s.l. on volcanic soil. The wine is then aged for a short period in oak barriques before completing its ageing in bottle. A rich and round medium bodied white, it has a bouquet of ripe pear, orange and Jasmine blossoms. I found it quite forward and it’s presence made itself known when tasted, clearly not overly floral, more fruit and green notes, not hugely vegetal, but I think the good acidity has stopped it from being dulled, probably will manage a few more years in bottle, but this does depend on how you like your whites, especially from the Falanghina grape.

Did it go well with dinner…….well dinner, luckily, was chicken, no sauce, and served seasoned, which probably helped lift the wine. The acidity of the wine would cope with light cream sauce, but I was perfectly happy without one.

In the UK this grape is gaining popularity, however duty and taxes results in having to pay £15 for this wine from an online specialist, and in a shop probably £25, and restaurants would likely to be charging upwards of £40………..dangerous place as this price bracket opens up a huge plethora of wines, including some decent Burgundy………

I could rant for ever about local duty and taxes, but that will be saved for another blog

Thanks for reading!

Happy drinking, or should I say tasting 😉



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Wine, beer & spirit loving man, also a bit partial to good food. Born and raised in south east London, now living in the wilds of Brentwood
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5 Responses to Masseria Frattasi Bonea 2011

  1. There should not be a duty on this wine. Wine is part of the European common market…

    • cult1982 says:

      I’m in England and duty is payable on all alcohol….. It’s around £1.90 per bottle and then VAT is 20% on both the duty and price, add this to all the logistic costs and the margin everyone puts on it becomes an expensive commodity…..I work in the logistics trade for alcohol, I intend starting a blog on this subject but thought it might be a bit boring…. Consumers need to know that paying a fiver for a bottle of wine is actually 50% duty and taxes…..

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