Why so long since the last time????

I have, I must admit neglected my blog for some time, in fact I am not sure if my last post was in 2012 or 2011…..note to self – must keep posting on the blog, even if just a few lines at a time!

So what has happened in such a long period, well for starters I changed job, visited Rome, went to Egypt, and drank and ate plenty in between 🙂

So…..where to be begin, seeing as it has been so long makes it feel like as if this is the first ever blog I have submitted……

I think for now I will leave it short and sweet and just ensure that I blog at least once a week……..with the promise of trying a new wine, beer or spirit and also try to cook at least one new dish…….lets hope it lasts.



About cult1982

Wine, beer & spirit loving man, also a bit partial to good food. Born and raised in south east London, now living in the wilds of Brentwood
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One Response to Why so long since the last time????

  1. Cool! Hope you’ll stick around!

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