Vino nobile di montepulciano & steak

Tonight’s choice of food & wine…. Rib eye steak served with a white wine, cream and mushroom sauce accompanied by a vino di montepulciano 2006 from Canneto. At 14.5% it’s a pretty heady red, but one that does not overwhelm the sauce, the steak bolsters the sauce and enables it to remain at a point where it is not flattened.

20130209-175230.jpg there is a good balance of tannin and acidity, coupled with ripe fruit, which has started to mellow now being 7 years old. Probably not as a complex as I like but it held up to the food and would be very enjoyable when drunk on it’s own.


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Wine, beer & spirit loving man, also a bit partial to good food. Born and raised in south east London, now living in the wilds of Brentwood
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One Response to Vino nobile di montepulciano & steak

  1. Yeah, I am always intrigued how light they are…

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